Screaming F-35 Crash Witness Joins Internet's Beloved Local News Interview Hall of Fame


Debris was found in South Carolina on Tuesday, ending the search for a missing F-35 airplane. The $80 million F-35B Lightning II fighter jet went missing on Sunday after the pilot ejected and it was thought that the aircraft was on autopilot and there was really nothing anyone could do until someone spotted it somewhere. Well, WBTW found someone who spotted it. Or at least heard it.

Williamsburgh County's Randolph White told the local news station that he was shaving when he heard a loud noise that was somewhere between a screech and a whistle and then proceeded to make that noise for the television camera. It is not a noise you will soon forget.

White added that he then heard a "boom," but had no idea it was a plane. Of course, by that point in the story it didn't matter. WTBW's decision to have Digital Journalist Raymond Owens spend his day near the crash site had been worth it. He had found an interesting person to interview and created a clip that would go viral. Even if it wouldn't be from the official station account.

That's a Local News Hall of Fame scream right there. I don't care who you are, Randolph White will now live on forever on the Internet.