Scream 5 Will Be Called 'Scream' and That is Ridiculous

David Arquette questions the title of a previous Scream movie.
David Arquette questions the title of a previous Scream movie. / Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Scream 5, the fifth movie in the Scream franchise, is called Scream. You have to hand it to the Scream team for making such a brave and confusing decision. After the previous three sequels were simply sequentially labeled, it seemed like the obvious choice for Scream 5 would have been Scream 5, but they went with Scream as a nod to the classic original film that started it all, Scream.

This could get confusing if you ever ask someone if they want to watch Scream. Does the first Scream now become Scream 1? Is this all a dream? If I told you there was a new movie called Scream, as I just did in the first line of this article, you would probably assume it was a remake or reboot of Scream. But no. It's actually a sequel that shares the exact same one-word title as the first film. Kind of like the recent Halloween sequel, Halloween. Not to be confused with Rob Zombie's Halloween remake, Halloween.

You also should not confuse Scream (the fifth Scream movie) with Scream, the television series. The first two seasons at least. There will be no confusing Scream (the first or fifth Scream movie) with Scream: Resurrection, the third season of Scream (the television series). And if you're looking for Scream, the 1981 movie featuring John Wayne's son, Ethan, well, I can't help you.

The important thing is that we now know Scream will hit theaters in January 2022, just 25 years and a few weeks after Scream was released. The only real question is whether or not they will be able to write and shoot a new Scary Movie movie by then called Scary Movie, a follow-up to Scary Movie 5 which was released in 2013. It would only make sense since the original Scream (1)was originally called Scary Movie.

Maybe the most exciting part of Scream (the fifth Scream movie) is that we will probably get to see a new Stab movie. It is canon in the Scream franchise that the Stab franchise has had seven entries. Stab is also getting a reboot next year. I have no idea if it that purported low-budget Stab franchise is real or not. I just know the reboot is going to be called Stab. Seems like an obvious decision.