Scott Van Pelt Tells Those Who Made Living as LeBron Haters (*Cough* Skip Bayless *Cough*) It's Over


LeBron James put together one of the all-time great three-game runs as Cleveland came from 3-1 down to win the NBA title. It just so happens to be that renowned LeBron James hater Skip Bayless’ last game at ESPN is today, before leaving for Fox Sports 1. Scott Van Pelt took the time to call it (without directly using names) Bayless on the way out the door for his utter irrational hatred of LeBron, telling him it’s over. Find some new schtick at the new place.

Of course, that’s not likely. Within minutes of the game ending, the master troll was already saying this:

Let’s review some of Bayless’ greatest hits on LeBron, just from this series:

After Game 6–


Before Game 5 —


After Game 4 —

During Game 3, where he manages a LeBron shot while also mentioning Steph–

And after the first two games, he said this on First Take —

Bayless is not likely to change his tune. He didn’t get this far by being reasonable and reconsidering things. But the more interesting dynamic is that ESPN, on the eve of him leaving, is now comfortable having others throw shots at the same guy who has spent most of the last eight years lobbing shots at LeBron in a very profitable way on their network.