Scott Van Pelt's Ironman Streak of Not Getting Invited to ESPYs Continues With Two Caveats


If the Elias Sports Bureau kept statistics on ESPN comings and goings in the same way they provided esoteric stats to ESPN on the various professional sports leagues, one nugget that would stand out is that in nearly two decades at the Mothership, Scott Van Pelt has never once been formally invited to attend the ESPY Awards by the company.

Given that ESPN announced Tracy Morgan as the host of the awards show today, I went on an expedition to find all of SVP’s tweets about how he’s been snubbed over the years:

This is a fun ongoing bit from SVP, and, invitations to the awards ceremony or not, it’s clear that he is held in high regard by ESPN.

There are a couple more caveats. First, SVP has attended one ESPY — he went in 2001, his first year at ESPN, as a guest but was not formally invited by the company. This year, he has a preplanned vacation during the show on July 10th and thus even if an invitation were to materialize it does not sound like an appearance would be in the cards.