Scott Van Pelt's Lost Voice Did Not Stop Him From Doing 'SportsCenter'

Sick Van Pelt
Sick Van Pelt /

Scott Van Pelt's late-night SportsCenter spot is one of the better programs ESPN has to offer. Last night, SVP put on perhaps his best performance yet as he fought through a sore throat and completely lost voice to preside over the day's sports offerings.

This was no light case of a strained voice or anything. This man sounded like he'd been front row at a concert the night before and sung his heart out. Yet it seems no tea or lozenge held relief for Van Pelt and he had no choice but to battle on. Remarkable stuff. Comparisons to the Jordan Flu Game are not too far off.

As Van Pelt himself noted, he is not sick. He feels fine. He just... lost his voice doing last night's SportsCenter. You can hear how baffled he is that for some reason he lost his voice this time after doing it countless times before without issue.

A heroic effort to give the people what they want.