Scott Hanson Reveals He Does Not Drink Coffee

Scott Hanson
Scott Hanson / Jesse Grant/GettyImages

Scott Hanson's impressive endurance as host of NFL Redzone is the stuff of legend among the loyal viewership for the program. Hanson spoke to The Big Lead last fall and broke down what happens after the seven hours of commercial-free football he presides over. On Sunday, he gave a glimpse behind the curtain and explained to his audience what he eats for breakfast before going on-air.

In the process, Hanson revealed he does not drink coffee. Which makes his energy even more impressive.

When you think about it, it makes sense. Coffee is a jolt to the system and all that but it does cause some... issues that can only be resolved by a potentially lengthy trip to the bathroom. As we all know by now, Hanson doesn't have time for even a 10-second bathroom break the entire time he's on camera.

Still. Hard for most of us to imagine having that sort of energy for even a few hours without the blessing of sweet, sweet concentrated caffeine. Hanson remains uniquely suited for this gig.