Neutral Site World Series Among the Worst Ideas We've Ever Heard

Christian Petersen/GettyImages

Reporters are getting an audience with MLB super agent Scott Boras today, which feels like an annual tradition. Just like everyone else, he has some ideas to fix baseball and is rattling them off. One in particular is troubling. Like, I am sure there are plenty of ideas that are worse, but not that many are coming to mind. Close your eyes and picture this. Instead of having the World Series take place in two cities that are delirious about their home team and the opportunity to make memories and a familiar yard ... it's instead at a neutral site.

We cannot let this happen. Too many times we see an idea that is so horrifying on its face and underestimate the chances of it ever happening. We don't think Neutral Site World Series happen because how could a single person possibly want that and yet these are the patently absurd innovations that sneak up way too quickly.

You just know the thought is going to gain some traction and someone will try to brand it as the Super Bowl for baseball not realizing one should shy away from those types of comparisons and value the fans the sport does have. I'm actually getting a bit queasy talking it out here and am genuinely concerned this might actually happen now that it's out in the universe.

Just wanted everyone to know that this is an idea being said out loud. Prepare accordingly.