Scott Boras Just Compared Jackie Bradley Jr. to Peanut Butter and Jelly

Jackie Bradley Jr., Boston Red Sox v Atlanta Braves
Jackie Bradley Jr., Boston Red Sox v Atlanta Braves / Todd Kirkland/Getty Images

Scott Boras is certainly one of a kind. Every year his Winter Meetings press conference produces some odd or notable quotes as Boras attempts to be clever when delivering his address. On Tuesday, a few of his lines raised eyebrows but none was weirder than when he compared client and free agent center fielder Jackie Bradley Jr. to peanut butter and jelly.

Here's the quote:

That doesn't even make sense when you think about it. I get that Bradley's nickname is JBJ but it's PB & J, not PBJ, and the analogy is chunkier than one of the ingredients mentioned. Boras had some other one-liners that stood out during his Zoom call. They follow:

My eyes just rolled so hard they actually fell out of my head, went around the block, hopped back on my couched and popped back in their sockets. That was rough. Scott, let me sincerely give you some advice: you're rich, you've already won, stop trying so hard.

Bradley hit free agency this winter after a successful eight-season run with the Boston Red Sox. He won a Gold Glove in 2018 and was also named ALCS MVP that year en route to helping the Sox win the World Series. The 30-year-old was solid in 2020, posting a career-high batting average (.283), with seven home runs, 22 RBIs ad an OPS of .814 while playing plus defense in center field.

A number of teams are interested in Bradley's services, so there's likely to be a bidding war. Boras is going to get paid yet again. And next year we'll be right back here, listening to him make some really weird comments during the Winter Meetings. Mufasa was right, life truly is a circle.