Scott Boras Has a Wild MLB Schedule Idea Involving World Series on Christmas

Scott Boras
Scott Boras / Mike Stobe/Getty Images

None of us have any idea when sports are going to start up again, but there's a nearly-unlimited amount of time for conjecture, so let's have at it. Speaking with Mike DiGiovanna of the Los Angeles Times, MLB super agent Scott Boras says that he has given MLB two proposals for schedules: one involving a 162-game season starting June 1st and another with a 144-game season starting on July 1st. Both these proposals involve the MLB playoffs running from December 3-26.

“We have it all mapped out,” Boras told the LA Times. “It’s workable. We’ve done climate studies, and in Southern California, the average temperature in December is 67 degrees, which is better than late March and early April in most cities. We have 11 stadiums we could play postseason games in. I’m gonna get my neutral-site World Series after all.”

The 11 stadiums referenced include eight domed venues and the three in Southern California. Boras has advocated for neutral site World Series games for some time. While Boras doesn't say this himself it's implied: He does not want the idea that's been floating for the 81-game season that starts July 1st because less games equals less money for his clients and himself.

A major issue with Boras's proposal is what you do with these November regular season games. Fans aren't going to want to go to games in Boston, New York, Chicago, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Minneapolis, Baltimore, Washington DC, or Denver around Thanksgiving (Boras would want to load home games in these cities early in the season and minimize them late). Whatever, it's fun to think about regardless.

Meanwhile, ESPN reporter Jeff Passan said this morning on Get Up that MLB is targeting early June for a start to the season, but July may be more realistic:

The first day there are games and then the first day where fans are allowed inside will be so glorious.