Jets Having Very Eventful Night on Social Media After Loss to Cowboys

Breece Hall wants the ball and Sauce Gardner takes a break.
Michael Owens/GettyImages

The New York Jets pulled out a thrilling victory in their season opener after Aaron Rodgers went down, which may have blunted the blow a bit before reality set in. Things didn't go nearly as well today down in Dallas as the Cowboys stymied Zach Wilson & Co. in a lopsided 30-10 affair. Second-year running back Breece Hall, who turned 10 carries into 127 yards a week ago, toted the rock a total of four times today as Nathaniel Hackett opted instead to employ an aerial attack. The run was essentially abandoned in the second half — three carries for negative two yards and a lost fumble — and it helped the Cowboys really tee off.

Hall wasn't too thrilled about the situation, providing an honest answer postgame.

Then he tweeted four football carries in a bit of obvious symbolism. Unless he just really likes football. The tweet eventually being deleted makes that even less likely. One the bright side, his coaches now know how he feels and how else could they be expected to know that without seeing it first in media reports and social media?

Cornerback Sauce Gardner also took the opportunity to shut down his Twitter account after reportedly "getting into it with fans."

It's still Week 2. Such a long road ahead. The event horizon is wide-open.

To be perfectly clear, I don't think whatever Hall and Gardner do online will have any impact on the team. They are both fantastic players and will continue to prove it between the sidelines. Playoffs are not out of the question, even without a marked upgrade at quarterback.

But it's still wild we came to be that the social media fallout of any game has become a normal part of the news cycle.