Roundup: Saturday Night Live's Remote Show; Colin Kaepernick Rumor; The Power of False Memory

Florence Pugh
Florence Pugh / Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

Florence Pugh says age is just a number ... The forgotten appeal of Let It Ride ... WNBA mock draft season ... It remains hilarious that this guy flew halfway around the world to light his career on fire ... Mike Pence is right: CNN should stop airing the propaganda portion of the nightly program ... NFL announced virtual draft participants ... News consumption is way up but opinions remain the same ... Bryce Aiken chooses Seton Hall ... Chris Johnson accused of being involved in a murder-for-hire plot ... DAZN cutting costs ... The Jump returns Monday and will be completely remote ... Wisconsin will not allow its spring sports seniors to return in 2021 ... The best meals under $2 ... The best Ron Swanson moments ... Absolutely no way America is back in business next month ... AMC is likely to file for bankruptcy .. Getting random famous people to join a Zoom call is good content ... Someone please tell me what Bill O'Brien is doing down in Houston ...

False memory study suggests reality is more in the eye of the beholder than previously thought. [Gizmodo]

Nation gripped by chicken wing surplus. [The Root]

Saturday Night Live is doing a show remotely this weekend. [MSNBC]

The fake Colin Kaepernick news yesterday harkened back to a simpler time. [Bleacher Report]

Is American democracy dying in real time? [The New York Times]

David Carr, of all people, is criticizing Jameis Winston. [Pro Football Talk]

Sean Hannity did live fact-checking and it was quite remarkable.

Things are getting wild out there.

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