San Diego Gets a Missed Field Goal and a Blown Fake Punt Fumble Call to Make Playoffs


The AFC deserved an 8-8 wildcard team this year. Pittsburgh was poised to be that team after an 0-4 start, after Baltimore and Miami both lost today. San Diego then came out and trailed for most of the game against Kansas City, who were playing backups all day. With three minutes left, San Diego tied it, but Chase Daniel led a drive to set up a game winning field goal attempt.

Succop (the broadcasters noted he was a Pittsburgh native) missed the 41 yard attempt.

San Diego won the toss, got possession in overtime, but got stopped. That’s when they ran a fake punt. However, it appeared that Eric Weddle fumbled, and it was returned for a touchdown that would have ended it. Hearts in Pittsburgh skipped. Instead, the officials ruled that Weddle got the first down, but was then down. Sure looked like a fumble.

San Diego used the rest of their lives and went down and got a field goal, then survived Kansas City’s attempt to answer.

San Diego is the 6 seed, and will be playing at Cincinnati.