Sam LaPorta Leaves With Injury, Lions Fans Hold Their Breath

Nic Antaya/GettyImages

Sam LaPorta continued his historic rookie year by catching yet another touchdown pass in the first quarter to get the Detroit Lions on the board against the Minnesota Vikings. The star tight end was in the game because Dan Campbell decided an outside chance at the No. 2 seed was worth risking his best players' health in advance of the playoffs. This was a gamble and it appears the decision may have backfired because LaPorta was still out there shortly before halftime when he caught a short pass to convert a third down and immediately grabbed his knee.

It's tough to overstate what a huge negative impact losing arguably the most productive tight end in all of football would have on the Lions' chances to advance deep into the playoffs and get to places they've never been. LaPorta was eventually able to walk off the field on his own but he needed to be carted to the locker room after exiting the injury tent. He's questionable to return today and, not playing doctor here, it looks fairly bleak for him returning next week or the one after that.

For now, all Lions fans have to wait and brace for the worst.