Sam Bradford Is Making Sure He Doesn't Stand a Chance Against Josh Rosen


Josh Rosen’s competition isn’t fierce.

Rosen’s strongest competition, Sam Bradford, has already begun coaching Rosen to prepare him to win the job as the Arizona Cardinals starting quarterback.

What Bradford told the Cardinals team website:

"“You just have to understand the situation and understand your role.We’re all one in that quarterback room. We are all in there to help each other, but at the same time, we’re all in there to compete. But I don’t think those things should ever get in the way. I think you can do both of those things.”"

Essentially, Rosen has inherited a quarterback support group in Arizona.

He’s surrounded by a group of veterans who seem to know they can’t beat him out for the job, not after the Cardinals selected him No. 10 overall. Bradford seems to have already resigned. That leaves Mike Glennon and undrafted rookie and Princeton product Chad Kanoff.

Rosen doesn’t seem to be quaking in his cleats. From Rosen, via the Cardinals website:

"“I couldn’t have asked for a better quarterback room. Mike Glennon, Sam Bradford and coach (Byron) Leftwich are really supportive. It’s a great atmosphere. We’re all trying to get better.”"

There’s really only one quarterback in that group who stands to get significantly better: Rosen. Glennon and Bradford had their chances to explore their ceiling. NFL teams have been left wanting. Even Bradford, who is well-respected as a starting quarterback, can’t stay healthy through an NFL season. That’s makes him a quality backup.

And perhaps there’s a sense of resignation because of what Rosen has already accomplished on the practice field. ESPN’s beat reporters reviewed the performances of the quarterbacks who were drafted in the 2018 rookie class. Rosen has, by far, the most positive review. In fact, he’s one of the few quarterbacks with a positive review. From ESPN’s Josh Weinfuss:

"“So far, the scouting report on Rosen has been dead-on. He was hyped as the most NFL-ready quarterback in this year’s draft because of the combination of his intelligence and skill. From what he has shown during the limited practices open to the media, he’s both smart and talented. His arm has been live, especially on deep passes. It’s clear he can think through a play rather quickly and efficiently. From what his offensive linemen have said about him so far, he’s been displaying a maturity and confidence in the huddle that has been well received.”"

Don’t believe the beat reporter? Just ask his coach. Here’s what Cardinals coach Steve Wilks told reporters after the first rookie minicamp practice:

"“The throws were on time. The accuracy was there. Everything that we know about him, you saw later on in practice.”"

With just less than 100 days until kickoff of the 2018 season, it’s too soon to say Rosen will be the starter. But at the same time, it’s hard to imagine Arizona trotting anyone else out to lead them on their first offensive drive of the season.