Saints Signing Antonio Brown Makes Absolutely No Flippin' Sense

William Pitts
New England Patriots v Miami Dolphins
New England Patriots v Miami Dolphins / Michael Reaves/Getty Images

Some days the world seems to make perfect sense. Then we come across a headline like "Antonio Brown Works Out With New Orleans Saints" that makes us question if this is the real life.

Yes, as much as we hate to say it, another team has willingly taken part in Antonio Brown's efforts to make the events of the entire 2019 NFL season revolve around himself. Reports indicate that the team is genuinely interested in making a deal, and the only thing standing between Brown and a Saints uniform is an official okay from the commissioner's office.

The Saints are far from the only team to have taken at least a passing interest after the Patriots released him in September, but the Saints' case for Brown makes the least sense of all. After all, the Saints' roster already features Michael Thomas, who has set an NFL single-season record with 145 receptions with one game to spare. Even if the addition of Brown was supposedly to add "depth", the Saints also have tight end Jared Cook and running back Alvin Kamara as reliable check-down options. Drew Brees is hardly starved for passing targets.

More important to consider is the timing. New Orleans is 12-3, having already clinched the NFC South, and still playing for a first-round bye and perhaps home-field advantage in the NFC. Most of the squad is still on edge from having a potential trip to the Super Bowl snatched from them last year by forces beyond their control.

The last thing the Saints locker room needs is a "personality" such as Brown, who, according to reports, brought a camera crew and an entourage to his Saints workout, which one source described as a "s*** show". Oh, yeah, and there's that thing about him possibly assaulting and threatening multiple women. Can't forget that.

Look, we can drag the New England Patriots across hot coals for their decision to sign Brown (even if it was for just one game), and rightfully so. But at least the Patriots had an excuse. They legitimately needed him. Aside from the banged-up Julian Edelman, the Patriots' offense has not played up to its usual standard this season, and New England needed every offensive weapon it could get its hands on.

New Orleans? No excuse at all.