There Were So Many Devastated Dallas Cowboys Fans on Monday Night Football

Dallas Cowboys fan rendered inconsolable.
Dallas Cowboys fan rendered inconsolable. /

The Dallas Cowboys welcomed 25,000 people to AT&T Stadium for a Monday Night Football game and it appears every single person left much worse for wear. As the seconds ticked away in the fourth quarter of the Cowboys embarrassing home loss to the Arizona Cardinals ESPN spoiled viewers with shots of despondent Cowboys fans. Just scroll through this gallery of pain and despair.

Just amazing. Why were any of these people still in the stadium? Go home. Walk away from the thing that is making you feel this bad. This was such a slow, inevitable result. The Cowboys have been pretty bad all season and they were down 21 at the half. There was ample time to prepare for this. If you didn't want to end up a meme, you should have tried to beat the light traffic around the end of the third.

The good news is that the Cowboys still lead the division and this team might somehow still be able to hurt these people all over again in a playoff game.