Reporter Asks Luke Donald About Sleeping With His Wife

Alex Burstow/GettyImages

The Ryder Cup certainly gets its money's worth when it comes to press sessions and when that happens reporters often run out of things to ask about – or a the very least run out of good things to ask about — so you get some real oddball stuff thrown into the mix.

Like today when an intrepid journalist dug deep on the issue of Team Europe captain Luke Donald having an American wife. And made it very weird.

"It's come to our attention you've got an American wife," the reporter said before guffawing. "And the phrase 'sleeping with the enemy' comes to mind. So I just wonder how tricky it is going to be this week for you and I wonder do you talk in your sleep?"

Donald, unflustered, said his wife's parents were born in Greece and that she's his No. 1 fan.

Then, not content to just leave it alone and sheepishly hand the microphone to someone else, the reporter sought clarity on her wanting Europe to win.

"Of course," Donald replied.

Get this man to the Super Bowl Media Day fiasco and let him cook. Think of all the kooky things he could wonder about when going viral is incentivized.

Thankfully, the real golf is just hours away and the bedroom talk can go away.