Ryan Fitzpatrick's Son is a Math Genius

By Jason McIntyre

Ryan Fitzpatrick threw six touchdown passes for the Texans in a win over the Titans Sunday, and after the game called one of his young sons to the podium to show the media his math skills. And he nailed it!

This is totally something I would do.

Hell, just this past weekend, while at Toys R Us, some slightly older kids came up to my son as he was playing with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. I always encourage him to be friendly and talk to kids at the store, park, wherever. Bryce immediately went into a story about all the Turtles, who was who, which bad guys they were battling, and it essentially became a short story.

The mother of the other kids was hilariously impressed, and even moreso when she learned he’s only 3.

Oh yeah, I’m totally that braggy dad. Wait until he gets into sports!

Well done, Ryan Fitzpatrick.

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