Ryan Fitzpatrick Has Classic Dad Problems


Ryan Fitzpatrick is a journeyman quarterback who has seen it all during his NFL career. At 36, and with seven kids, he’s also seen it all off the field. My fellow dads out there know that one’s body becomes harder to maintain when the mid-30 set in. In addition to being more strapped for time to exercise, the metabolism slows and motivation wavers.

It appears that this is the case even for professional athletes as Fitzpatrick addressed recent pictures that made it look like he was a bit thick.

His response was beautiful and relatable.

Yeah. Kids birthday parties. The scourge of any healthy lifestyle. They are so cripplingly boring that the only thing left to do is stuff one’s piehole.

Cake. Hummus or any other dip. Wings. Bad pizza. It’s all fine because it’s something to fill the time until you can go home. And hey, since you’re there and forced to make small talk, may as well have a few beers to take the edge off.

Rinse. Repeat. Then the next thing you know you’re looking a little doughy in the fitness center mirror.

This is life, man.

The Dolphins are hoping there’s a bit more magic left in Fitz. If he can lead the league in yards/attempt and yards/completion again, that will portend good things for an offense desperate to be feared again.