Ryan Fitzpatrick Tells Aaron Rodgers He's Twice Vaccinated Before Asking Him a Question on TNF


Aaron Rodgers is still in the news despite the fact that he hasn't played football since September and will not play football again until next September. Presumably, this is how Rodgers wants it because he keeps showing up on Pat McAfee every Tuesday to air his grievances with the reaction to his previous week's appearance.

This week he suggested that the people criticizing him state their vaccination status before they talk. This inspired a fiery rant from FOX Sports' Nick Wright and then a humorous moment during the Amazon Prime pregame show before the Thursday night clash between the New York Jets and Cleveland Browns.

Rodgers, sitting on the bench in street clothes because he's not playing despite the fact that he insisted he was on a special timeline to return and was added to the 53-man roster, did an interview with the Prime crew before the game started. Ryan Fitzpatrick took the opportunity to state his vaccination status, which got a laugh from Rodgers.

If anyone was watching live let us know if Rodgers responded by saying that he was immunized.