Ryan Clark Roasts the Hell Out of Stephen A. Smith on 'Get Up': 'Dressed as Grimace from McDonald's'

Get Up
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Ryan Clark was hosting Get Up on Tuesday, apparently finding time to take a break from his Tiki Barber beef to fill in for Mike Greenberg. With NFL free agency winding down attention has mostly turned to the draft and what all the moves from last week might indicate about how things go down in April. As such they brought Mel Kiper Jr. onto the show to discuss his latest mock draft.

Which was interrupted by a wandering Stephen A. Smith. From what we can tell Smith didn't have a spot on Get Up this morning. He just didn't have anything to do while waiting for First Take to start so he meandered on up to the set. Clark, sensing his opportunity, immediately roasted the hell out of his coworker's attire by saying Smith was dressed like Grimace from McDonald's. Which isn't actually that far off if we're being honest.

Stephen A. is no stranger to the loud suit game but that particular shade of purple is indeed reminiscent of Grimace. For reference (and no, I don't know what the deal is with the haunting Ronald McDonald here):

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What Clark seems to forget is that he is also fond of a colorful suit. On any given day where you may choose to tune into ESPN's daytime programming you can rest assured that either he or Smith is wearing a colored suit you probably haven't seen before. So there is an extremely strong likelihood that this friendly fire is returned very soon by Smith once the opportunity arises.

These are the sort of shenanigans that break out when the primary host isn't available. We've got people walking onto sets and shots fired over clothing. Come back, Greeny!