Ryan Clark Got Big Laughs With His Extended Mike Greenberg Impression


Morning television is conducive to chucklefests and light-hearted ribbing. People want a bit of levity with their morning coffee and everything bagel. So it's not unusual to see the made-up and miked-up just having fun out there like Brett Favre in his prime. What's rarer is when one pundit goes on an extended riff impersonating the host.

With that in mind, let us savor Ryan Clark doing a full 45 seconds as bizarro Mike Greenberg yesterday on Get Up.

Wonderful. And useful too because the exact voice can be used to roil any Northwestern grad. Too easy. That's Seth Meyers! It's Darren Rovell! It's Meghan Markle. Okay, maybe it's not Meghan Markle.

Clark hit for the cycle here. Everyone on set, including the target actually laughed — not fake media laughing — and got the social share from a clearly entertained wife afterward.

It would never happen but a full two hours where these guys all played the roles of each other, from wardrobe to diction to expertise would be a wild ride. Just a free idea there probably best ignored.