Ryan Clark Got Very Dramatic About Possibility the Bears Won't Draft Caleb Williams


What will the Chicago Bears do with the number one pick in the 2024 NFL Draft? That's the number one topic on everyone's mind right now, which is why they were talking about it on Get Up on Wednesday morning. What people aren't seeing though, according to a very theatrical Ryan Clark, is the big elephant. In this case, the big elephant is the possibility that the Bears don't draft Caleb Williams.

"I don't know why everybody can't see the big elephant. What if they ain't gonna draft Caleb Williams at all? Haven't we been talking about the evaluation process? The draft didn't happen. I don't know that Caleb Williams has signed a contract. Has anybody called Caleb Williams and said hey, Caleb Williams the Chicago Bears are drafting you number one overall are you ready to come to Chicago? Do you want us to take you to see the Bean? Nobody ever said that. Nobody. He is not listening to Drake signing songs about being in Chicago because the chick left him. What if Justin Fields is gonna be the ONLY first round quarterback in the room? What if Justin Fields is going to be the starter and they aren't going to draft a quarterback and they're going to trade away the number one pick. Why can't that happen? Why are we so shocked? Maybe Justin ain't been traded because they don't want to trade him."

Man... what? This feels like the kind of complaint that could have been brought up in a production meeting, but then Clark wouldn't have been able to look around like he lost his keys in an attempt to visualize how no one else can see something.

But Clark is right. The NFL Draft has not happened yet and the Bears have not drafted or signed Caleb Williams yet. Which is why there was a story on ESPN dot com way back on March 2nd titled "Will the Bears draft Caleb Williams or trade the No. 1 pick?" And a few days before that Pete Thamel did actually call Caleb Williams and ask him if he was ready to go to Chicago and Williams said yes, while also acknowledging the fact that the Bears could trade the pick.

As for the Bears keeping Fields because they don't want to trade him, that seems kind of dubious. By all accounts the Bears couldn't find a trade partner to take Fields.

Maybe those rumors were pure conjecture from outside the building and the Bears really do prefer Fields. Who knows! But acting like trading the pick is a very obvious thing - or big elephant - that no one else has noticed is just silly. But that's what breakout social media videos are for. If you keep track of that kind of thing.