Ryan Braun Says Urine Collector for Failed Drug Test was an Anti-Semite, Cubs Fan


Ryan Braun sure sounds like a guy you’d want to be friends with. Or not. The more reports that surface about the suspended Brewers outfielder, the worse he comes off. Late Sunday, ESPN and Yahoo Sports reported Braun tried to label Dino Laurenzi Jr. – the man who collected his urine sample that tested positive for a synthetic testosterone in 2011 – an anti-Semite and also a Cubs fan.

Yahoo’s Jeff Passan reports Braun reached out to Matt Kemp, the man he edged for the 2011 NL MVP award, as well as Joey Votto and Troy Tulowitzki, so they’d speak on his behalf. Braun’s alleged plan – to smear an otherwise anonymous sample collector as an anti-Semite.

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In case you missed it, late Friday afternoon ESPN reported a friend of Braun’s was suing him for defamation. The friend also alleges Braun was a doper at the University of Miami, where he committed academic fraud as well.

Right now Braun looks less sincere and believable than Rafael Palmeiro, and all the former Orioles slugger did was lie in front of a Congress with a straight face and an accusatory finger point.

Good luck winning back the public’s trust, Braun. Oh wait, he’s still got over $100 million coming his way from the Brewers, so it doesn’t matter very much what people think about him.

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