The Bowl Game: Let's Hear it for New Jersey

Rich Schultz/GettyImages

Both Rutgers and Seton Hall notched wins over Top 10 teams. Biggest night for New Jersey since the Sopranos finale. * Purdue waited 125 years to see itself ranking No. 1. Gone in a flash. * Whatever ESPN is paying Kirk Herbstreit isn't nearly enough. * What if the Herbie Awards were only given to people named Herbie? Would be a much different show. * The Utah Jazz have won seven games by at least 20 points this year. They're going to be a problem. * Is it at all possible the Pittsburgh Steelers thought last night's game was scheduled for this coming Sunday? * Jordan Bohannon has been at Iowa for at least 10 years. Close your eyes and try to remember a pre-Bohannon time in Iowa City. See what I mean? * Big Ben's furious comeback coming up just short: guess you could say the clock struck midnight. * Oregon is reportedly making a play for Chip Kelly. What year is it? * Chase Claypool is wasting what could be the most productive years of his career. * It seems crazy to say, but the Memphis Grizzlies just look like a better team than the Los Angeles Lakers. * Mike Zimmer looks a guy who goes through an entire pot of coffee by 4:30 in the morning.

Kirk Cousins has 27 touchdowns and five interceptions this year while completing 67 percent of his passes. How is that possible? Shades of Case Keenum out there. * Minnesota has now played 12 one-score games. They keep their friends close and their enemies closer. * Travis Scott: who told you that interview was a good idea? * This could be Mike Tomlin's first year finishing under .500. What a career. * The Steelers have given up at least 36 points in three of their last four games. That's not going to cut it. * Found out that the United States Postal Service has its own podcast. What took so long? Ten most exciting words in sports: Introducing the official podcast of the United States Postal Service * Kenneth Walker III won the Walter Camp and the Doak Walker awards. Still not enough to win an invite to New York City. * Have you ever gone to the New York Post's website and marveled at how insane some of the headlines are? Time well-spent. *

Can't help but think that the winner of Michigan-Georgia is going to win it all. * Brian Williams signed off from MSNBC. That network is in trouble. * Fox News light up a replacement Christmas tree. Thought they were against building back better. * Pete Campbell trying to blackmail Dick Whitman into giving him a promotion: guy bit off a bit more than he could chew. * No one has made a better album since the Smashing Pumpkins' Mellon Collie & the Infinite Sadness. Might be time to stop trying. * Army-Navy is tomorrow. Nothing like it. The pageantry. CBS' incredible lead-ins. The uniforms on the field and in the stands. The ground game. Something frozen in time amid a world always in a hurry. * Hope you enjoyed Kenny Pickett's fake slide because it's the last one you'll ever see. * More Sex & The City? In this economy?