Rutgers Quarterback Hits Wisconsin Photographer Right in the Junk

Rutgers v Wisconsin
Rutgers v Wisconsin / John Fisher/GettyImages

The Rutgers Scarlett Knights went on the road to take on the Wisconsin Badgers at Camp Randall in Week 6. While the Badgers won, 24-17, Rutgers quarterback Gavin Wimsatt was the one player to create a memory that will live on forever online thanks to an errant pass hitting a cameraman right in the balls.

UPDATE: Here's the POV of the cameraman. Yeah, he got the shot.

Wisconsin led, 24-6, late in the fourth quarter when Wimsatt rolled out to his left and tried to hit JaQuae Jackson on 4th-and-2. The throw was way too wide and the ball took one perfect bounce off the grass right into the crotch of a photographer.

We'd like to protect the privacy of this individual involved in the football throw-involved accident because you don't want to be known as the guy who got hit in the groin live on Peacock some random Saturday afternoon. Unless you got the shot. If this photographer go the shot right before the moment of pain, then it was all worth it. Otherwise, better keep that head on a swivel next time.