3 Most Likely Trade Destinations for Russell Wilson

Russell Wilson could be traded this offseason.
Russell Wilson could be traded this offseason. / Kevin Casey/GettyImages

Earlier this morning, Adam Schefter re-raised the possibility of Russell Wilson getting traded this offseason, saying "there is a leaguewide feeling, according to sources, that Carroll and Wilson will not be together again next season." With no first-round picks this offseason, the Seahawks clearly not in a position to win anytime soon and Wilson having already said he wants to win now, the odds are Wilson's time in Seattle is coming to a close.

So where would he end up? BetSided betting expert Ben Heisler set the following odds a few weeks ago, though I don't see the Seahawks as the favorite anymore.

  • Seattle Seahawks: +200
  • New Orleans Saints: +225
  • Pittsburgh Steelers: +275
  • New York Giants: +350
  • Denver Broncos: +400
  • Miami Dolphins: +600
  • Carolina Panthers: +750
  • The Field: +750

Wilson has a no-trade clause but was reportedly willing to waive it last offseason if he was traded to the Cowboys, Bears, Saints or Raiders. The Cowboys and Bears are off the table at this point and his list will have to expand if he wants to get out of Seattle. With all that said, here are the three most likely trade destinations based on where things currently stand.

New York Giants

The Giants have two picks currently slated to be in the Top 10 in the 2022 NFL Draft and five in the Top 100. They haven't been relevant in nearly a decade and their coach, GM and ownership are all under pressure to turn things around. Immediately.

If the Giants do decide they're a QB away from competing, Wilson is likely their best path toward that. Perhaps they could even trade one of their two picks this year and their first-rounder next year for him. Either way, this puts Wilson in the biggest media market in the country and makes him even more commercially intriguing, things we know he's interested in. The biggest question here is whether the Giants are ready to move on from Daniel Jones.

Pittsburgh Steelers

The Steelers only have three picks in the Top 100 and their first rounder is currently slated for the 15th pick. They could throw in their first-rounder in 2023 as well, but if they get Wilson, that's not going to be as valuable. The main reason they're on this list is they're desperate for a new quarterback and have a team built to win now. That will provide motivation for them to be aggressive on the trade block this offseason, and we all know motivation makes deals become reality.

The Steelers weren't on Wilson's list last offseason, but they do fill a lot of the requirements he's looking for. The biggest issue is their offensive line sucks, but that's something Wilson is used to. They have talented wide receivers, a star running back and a defense that can shut down the opposition. He won a Super Bowl with that crew before. Why not again?

Denver Broncos

The Broncos, as much as any team in the NFL, seem like a QB away from competing again. They're the top team in most Aaron Rodgers trade rumors, but what if Rodgers doesn't leave Green Bay or even retires (something he mentioned being possible recently)?. If that's the case, Wilson is the next best option and the Broncos have the trade capital to make it happen.

Denver has five picks in the Top 100 in the 2022 NFL Draft, including a first-rounder currently set for 11th. Likely they'd have to throw in their first-rounder in 2023 as well. Because the Seahawks currently have two quality wideouts, the Broncos can keep their current group of talented receivers together, which is good for Wilson. Either way, they have the assets and team needed to make this trade happen. Now the question is, do they swing it for Rodgers or Wilson?