Russell Westbrook to Monty McCutchen: "I've got one daddy, that's it. I've got one pops."

By Stephen Douglas

Russell Westbrook notched his 17th triple-double of the season (13 points, 14 rebounds, 12 assists) on Tuesday night as the Thunder won their 54th game of the season, beating the Nuggets, 124-102. Despite what looks like a good time on paper, in typical Thunder fashion, Westbrook was not happy. Late in the first quarter, Westbrook got into an argument with referee Monty McCutchen.

Denver’s home broadcast picked up most of the audio which was a very lively exchange about whether or not McCutchen is Westbrook’s father. He apparently is not.

McCutchen: “You’re going to yell at me? You’re going to get yelled back.”

[something about identity of Westbrook’s father]

Westbrook: “I’ve got one daddy, that’s it.

McCutchen: “So do I.”

Westbrook: “I’ve got one pops.”