Russell Westbrook Calls Out Skip Bayless Over Westbrick Nickname: 'Watch Your Mouth' [UPDATE]

Russell Westbrook
Russell Westbrook / Katelyn Mulcahy/GettyImages

Russell Westbrook had a huge target on his back by the end of his first season with the Los Angeles Lakers after he joined a team with championship aspirations and did not play well at all. It wasn't totally his fault; the Lakers shouldn't have traded everything for him to be their savior and he was a poor fit to start. But his decision-making didn't improve as the season went on and his effort on defense was inconsistent on the best of nights.

The firestorm of criticism finally got to him in March, when he blew up to reporters about the disrespect he was receiving. Specifically, he took issue with the "Westbrick" nickname that basketball fans were fond of throwing around after one of his many poor shooting nights. That brings us to today, when he finally called out Skip Bayless for his liberal usage of the nickname on Twitter last night.

Bayless has yet to respond but you can bet he'll invite Westbrook onto Undisputed to hash out their differences. Although the point guard is probably right that Bayless wouldn't call him Westbrick to his face.

UPDATE: Bayless responded. One point to me, Liam, for correctly predicting he'd ask Westbrook on the show. Although I did not anticipate Bayless doubling down on everything he said otherwise.