Video of Heat Fan Getting Into It with Russell Westbrook Is Unpleasant

Michael Reaves/GettyImages

It shouldn't be anyone's thing but a lot of people have a thing where they need to go to sporting events and yell at players to the point the heckling gets a response. For this group, Russell Westbrook is an easy mark because he's always more than willing to engage in a back-and-forth. On Sunday, the Los Angeles Clippers were in Miami to take on the Heat and walked out of South Beach with a victory, something the Clips have been doing with impressive regularity.

One gentleman seated behind the visiting bench chirped enough to get Westbrook's attention and unverified reports online suggested he was kicked out after the exchange. Today, video surfaced of the conversation and, yeah, see if you can identify the magic word that set things off.

Westbrook had support from the bench in the form of Terrance Mann, who didn't particularly like what he had to hear either.

Independent of all the unpleasantness that goes with a grown adult acting this way while seated next to a child is the purely selfish angle of wanting to stick around to watch the entire game after, as one might say, paying for those seats. It seems like if you were going to drop that much coin you might want to maximize the evening out but hell what do we know? That's not how you go viral.