Russell Westbrook and His Ugly Clothes are Officially Back With a Vicious Coast-to-Coast Dunk


Russell Westbrook appeared in his second game of the season on Wednesday as the Thunder beat the Mavericks 107-93 in OKC. Westbrook scored 22 on 20 shots including this coast-to-coast trip that ended with one of his patented Anger Dunks. Before the game cameras regrettably caught Russ wearing this…

His fashion sense is in tact.

Also worth noting: Kevin Durant crossed over Vince Carter and then hit what looked like a really difficult finger roll. Durant scored 23 (with 10 assists) and the Thunder are good again now that Westbrook is back.

Also worth also noting also: Jeremy Lamb provided 13 points, 3 rebounds and 3 steals off the bench. James Harden didn’t do anything last night. Just sayin’…