Rumors Surfacing that There is a Video Out There of Dez Bryant Doing Something Really Bad


On Friday, ProFootballTalk’s Mike Florio went on 105.3 The Fan to discuss “a video of Dez Bryant.” In this alleged “video,” Dez Bryant does something “bad.” Per Florio, “all of the major insiders” have known about this video for months, but, for now, it remains out of the public eye.

Why would Jerry Jones be so hesitant to re-sign one of, if not the best Wide Receiver in the world? There’s the chance that this is just another one of those “something out of nothing” off-season story lines. Dez Bryant, though, is set to become a free agent (and probably get franchise tagged), after the two sides have failed to agree on an extension.

In his interview, Florio alludes to the fact that the Cowboys are terrified of this “incident,” — and if released to the public, it would have a “Ray Rice-type of an impact.”

On Friday, Dez Bryant seemingly responded to this radio spot:

This is just the latest weird story to come out about the wide receiver in his quest for a new contract. In November, NFL Media’s Ian Rapoport delivered a report that cops have been called to Bryant’s house six times. However, further investigation revealed that most of those issues were of little consequence, and a couple of them mention other people’s names and may have occurred at a residence that Bryant wasn’t even living in. Are the Cowboys genuinely concerned about Bryant, or are they trying to justify suppressing his market value? Maybe a little bit of both?

As for the Cowboys front office, COO Stephen Jones told Mike Fisher of that nothing about these video “rumors” are true. Meanwhile, it’s been widely known that Dallas will apply the franchise tag to Bryant, which, for obvious reasons, he doesn’t want. Nevertheless, owner Jerry Jones is saying that he wants a long-term deal with the receiver and would be similarly dissatisfied with the franchise tag, which would require the Cowboys to pay Bryant $13 million next season.

You can listen to Mike Florio’s interview here.