Roy Williams Reveals He Isn't Clairvoyant, North Carolina Fans Aren't Stupid

Grant Halverson/Getty Images

North Carolina was thoroughly handled at home last night by Marquette, 83-70. The loss obviously won't help the Tar Heels' case for an at-large bid in next month's NCAA Tournament, though it's worth pointing out that a win wouldn't have done all that much either as the Golden Eagles are a Quad-3 team, entering Wednesday night two games under .500.

In his postgame availability, UNC coach Roy Williams was asked if perhaps rescheduling this game and ensuring it was played was a mistake on his part and if given the opportunity, would he do something differently.

“Well, if I’d known we were gonna lose, God almighty, I wouldn’t have scheduled them," Williams said. "Come on. We can’t operate in damn hindsight. God almighty. If you told me we we were gonna lose, hell yeah, we wouldn’t have played the game. If you told me we were gonna beat the Lakers, I’d have scheduled them. Carolina fans, they’re not that dumb. If they are, I’ve got no answers for them.”

Williams tapped into something I've been saying for years. College basketball coaches should only schedule teams they'll beat and not schedule teams that will beat them. It's so easy and yet year after year over 300 programs continue to make the same mistakes.

North Carolina still has several opportunities to polish its body of work. A few big wins down the stretch can land it in the NCAA Tournament. Williams' chance to conduct a postgame presser without getting upset and walking out, however, is gone after he did just that.

It's a testament to living the dream. Would that we could all be secure enough financially and professionally to press the eject button at the tamest, fairest of critique.