Five Coaching Candidates to Replace Roy Williams at North Carolina

Roy Williams and some possible successors.
Roy Williams and some possible successors. / Joe Robbins/Getty Images

Roy Williams announced his retirement the morning of April 1st, but it was not a joke. After 18 years at North Carolina and another 15 at Kansas, Williams is hanging up his sports coat at 70-years-old. The big question now becomes who will replace Roy Williams at one of college basketball's most prestigious jobs.

Hubert Davis

The current UNC assistant coach played for Dean Smith from 1988 to 1992. He has been on Williams' staff since 2012. Davis has been coaching the current players that are recruiting future Tar Heels. At 50-years-old, he's never been a head coach, but maybe Williams has been grooming him.

Wes Miller

If Carolina wanted to expand their search a tiny bit, they can look in the University of North Carolina school system and find Wes Miller at UNC Greensboro. Miller played for Roy Williams in the early 2000's. He's been at Greensboro since 2010, first as an assistant and then as head coach since 2011. The Spartans have enjoyed five consecutive 20+ win seasons under Miller.

Brad Stevens

It hasn't been that long since Steven was being asked questions about the Indiana job. Things haven't improved at work much for Stevens since the Hoosiers settled for Mike Woodson. While he turned down the Indiana job, the Tar Heels might be a little more attractive. North Carolina was an NCAA tournament team this year while Indiana hasn't been sine 2016. Stevens seems like more a Dean Smith than a Bob Knight anyway.

Jerry Stackhouse

While Stevens is the highest-profile coach, Stackhouse is biggest name that will be attached to the Carolina opening. Stackhouse coached in the NBA from 2015 to 2019 before going to Vanderbilt where he's only 20-37 through his first two seasons. Still, Juwan Howard! Look at Juwan Howard at Michigan! That can be Jerry Stackhouse at North Carolina! At least that will be the thinking if UNC brings Stackhouse home.

Steve Robinson

Robinson has worked under Wililams for 26 years. He had two 20+ win seasons at Tulsa before going to Florida State where he had no luck. He rejoined Williams' staff in 2002 and has been at North Carolina as Williams' top assistant since 2003. Perhaps he's ready for another head coaching gig.