Roy Williams Blasts Doug Gottlieb In Post-Game Press Conference


Roy Williams is none-too-pleased with Doug Gottlieb. After North Carolina throttled Miami on Saturday, the 65-year-old coach had some choice words for the CBS college basketball analyst during his post-game press conference.

During the CBS pre-game show, Gottlieb claimed that Williams would retire after the season and that Hubert Davis would likely take over for North Carolina. Gottlieb later clarified that he wasn’t “reporting” that but that he believes it would make sense given Williams’ recent health issues:

Still, Williams clearly believed Gottlieb was “reporting” that he would retire. Here is a rundown of what Williams had to say after being asked about what Gottlieb said:

Curious about the “pants on backwards” reference? The video below should help you out:

At least Gottlieb had a sense of humor about the whole thing:

This may all be a big misunderstanding, but it’s clear Williams is not thrilled that Gottlieb is discussing his future plans.