Roundup: 'Zero' Chance Tom Brady Retires; SAG Award Winners; & the NFL's Referee Problem


Margot Robbie at the SAG Awards … 3-year old North Carolina goes missing in the woods for nearly 3 days, and is found alive … “Daughter’s Plea Draws 50,000 Birthday Cards For US Veteran” … this story from last May about a young woman who conned her way into rich NYC circles will be a movie soon enough … an 88-year old woman was run over by her own car in the driveway … if you like to stay up late at night, can you become a morning person? … Kentucky mom of four leaves a bar with two men, has been missing for over three weeks … Black Panther cleaned up at the SAG Awards … 

Tom Brady says there is zero chance he retires after Super Bowl 53. [Globe]

John Canzano continues to do battle with the Pac-12. [Oregonian]

The 76ers got blown out by the Nuggets Saturday night, and worse yet, Jimmy Butler is off to see a wrist specialist. []

Sorry, just not sure how much I believe this: “‘Prop’ bets on athletes are popular for the Super Bowl, but the NFL wants them gone.” [CNBC]

Why is a 3-time Olympic gold medalist swimmer smashing a vial of his blood during a doping test? [Sunday Times]

Hadn’t actually considered that Houston Texans GM Brian Gaine did this well last offseason. With a healthy Will Fuller and a competent offensive line next year … [Houston Press]

Can we get this in the Super Bowl? “NFL Will Publish Real-Time Player Tracking During Pro Bowl.” [Sport Techie]

DeMarcus Lawrence vs the Cowboys … is there any shot he ends up with the Jets? I’d love that. He wants to get paid, and Dallas has a lot of folks to pay. [Twitter]

There really isn’t an easy solution to the referee problems in the NFL, as Mike Pereira says. [NY Post]

Ja Morant was a 10th grader and he played on an AAU team at one tournament with a 9th grader named Zion Williamson. [CBS Sports]

Jaylen Hands of UCLA has crazy bounce and is an absurd athlete. Feels like a newer model Monta Ellis.

Been saying it for weeks now, Paul George is the best player on the Thunder. What a performance against the Bucks.