Roundup: Wheel of Fortune Contestant Can't Say 'Achilles', Bear Drags Florida Woman Out of Her Garage & Emma Stone Freaks Out

By Jason McIntyre

Orland Magic TV ratings are way down, attendance is down, but on social media – Facebook and Twitter – they’re good. [Orlando Sentinel]

“Police turned out in riot gear to calm the disturbance after hockey fans took to the streets in celebration of Frozen Four semifinal win in Philadelphia.” [Star Tribune]

Does PED testing in MLB have anything to do with all the early-season injuries? [NY Post]

Good news for Ohio State, bad news for Indiana – the best (only?) 7-footer on the college hops transfer market is going to the Buckeyes. [ESPN]

Strong column from Dan LeBatard on the Miami Heat and family. Get to the nugget about how they turned down Evan Turner-for-Udonis Haslem. [Miami Herald]

Stanley Johnson, who will be a star for Arizona on the hardwood next season, said this: “I find it intriguing, to be honest. It’s so much easier for me to play because Andrew Wiggins was the best freshman to come out since God.” [Yahoo Sports]

Joe Dumars should get fired as soon as the season is over, but the media is doing whatever it can to keep him in power because … he’s a nice guy. [Freep]

Five crazy takeaways from the NHL concussion lawsuit. [Above the Law]

Very cool piece on refereeing and the NCAA Tournament. [NCAA Championship Magazine]

Ra’Shede Hageman, who should be a 1st round draft pick next month, was 6-foot-2 when he entered 8th grade. [USA Today]

Profiting off heroin recovery? This seems unseemly, even for Bain Capital. []

Phil Jackson’s Carmelo Anthony conundrum. [Basketball Insiders]

Someone abandoned a crocodile at a strip mall.

At the 1:30 mark, you’ll see one of the worst finishes in Wheel of Fortune history. And then look at the anger on his face as Pat holds back laughter.

Emma Stone got very excited at the prospect of meeting the Spice Girls. And then 2:21 happens. [via BroBible]

Here’s Stephen Curry torching the Blazers for 47 points in a loss.