Roundup: Watch People Destroy Bird Scooters; Cascadia Earthquake Fears; & How Kate Upton Saved Justin Verlander


Kendall Jenner, who turned 21 last week … I’d watch Idris Elba play James Bond but it’s not nearly as close to happen as this report claims … “Crocs Closing Manufacturing Facilities But Will Keep Making Shoes” … Chipotle, a place I used to love but haven’t eat at in four years after getting a bad allergic reaction, is desperate, grasping at bacon straws … “I Made a Deal in a Bike Race—And It Haunted Me for 15 Years” … the son of a police chief has been arrested for attacking a Sikh man in Northern California … “Florida man claimed to be surrounded by cats and alligators before being arrested for murder” … and now Omarosa has turned on the President, making pretty appalling allegations … such a sad story: “Aurora parents fighting to stop legally adopted 4-year-old daughter from being deported” … absolutely brutal for your dad to find you, naked and dead, after you killed yourself during a solo sex act … 

The Mets shockingly aren’t interested in hiring an analytics-driven GM, according to a report. [NY Post]

A 5-star linebacker couldn’t academically qualify to get into Washington, so he went to Alabama instead. []

Stephen Curry did a great thing for a family, naturally, the media is focused on negative stories. [Kron4]

We told you about the potential Cascadia earthquake coming to Oregon/Washington a few years ago. Here’s an update. [Prep For That]

How could you create a fake college degree when the media asked for it? Did you not think the school would be able to identify a fake? [Sarasota Tribune]

Brooks Koepka now has as many majors victories (3) as Jordan Spieth. [Sentinel]

The Titans really need 2017 first round pick Corey Davis to stay healthy. [Titans Online]

I had no idea LA folks hated the bird scooters so much. I’ve never ridden one, but there’s a popular instagram account of people destroying them. [LA Times]

What a great story on how Kate Upton saved Justin Verlander, who was going through a multi-year struggle on the mound. [Bleacher Report]

If I saw a smoking bag at airport security, I sure as hell wouldn’t just stand there looking confused. BYE!

Here’s video of that ugly attack on a Sikh man. It may be a hate crime.

A passenger was getting racial with the bus driver, so he got knocked out. I have no idea why the bus driver was fired. [via WVSN]