Roundup: Watch Kevin Durant Roast USA Basketball Teammates; Scott Frost's House Burglarized; & Penny Hardaway Steals From John Calipari


Halsey, the singer whose real name is Ashley Nicolette Frangipane … what an awful story about Ving Rhames, who was held at gunpoint in his own home by police … “Trump backers stand by president in face of Russia criticism” … flight MH370, missing since March 2014, remains a mystery but now investigators claim a 3rd party may be involved … “City report on Confederate monuments raises idea of renaming Austin” … terrifying story about a woman nearly killed while walking her dog in Denver … “How Sellers Trick Amazon to Boost Sales” … four foreign cyclists – including two Americans – were killed in Tajikistan in what may have been a deliberate attack … “Fawn gives cop a kiss after California wildfire rescue” … I had no idea the media was allowed to write positive things about Jordan Peterson … 

Penny Hardaway recruiting a 2019 blue chip talent away from Kentucky feels like an important story. [KSR]

Basically, every network that televises sports will have in some way, shape or form, a gambling show this fall. [Bloomberg]

All hope is lost for the White Sox, so why aren’t they bringing up their two best minor league prospects, Michael Kopech and Eloy Jimenez? [Tribune]

Chris Livingston is possibly the next great basketball prodigy. He’s 14, and has ties to Akron. [Yahoo Sports]

Nebraska coach Scott Frost’s house was burglarized and about $200,000 worth of memorabilia was stolen. [ABC 8]

John Wall got a Supermax deal, so yeah, the minimum he can do is recruit players, even if it is Dwight Howard. [NBC Washington]

Business as usual for the Dolphins: They gave Albert Wilson $24 million, and they don’t even know how to use the receiver. [Herald]

Baseball prospect to keep an eye on: 19-year old Jo Adell. They say he’s Anaheim’s best prospect since Mike Trout. [MILB]

Body cam footage of police officers shooting and killing a suspect who ran from them while he was carrying a gun.

Here’s a 14-minute video of one-on-one games at USA Basketball camp, with of course Kevin Durant being dominant.