Roundup: Warren Moon Sexual Harassment Lawsuit, Thomas The Tank Engine Does Stunts

Stephen Douglas

Warren Moon is being sued for sexual harassment. [Seattle Times]

A few short months away from the Winter Olympics and now there are questions about whether the US will be able to send athletes for safety reasons. [CNN]

Abby Wambach had her car stolen and vandalized with hate speech. [TMZ Sports]

Spending a week with unlikely Vikings star Adam Thielen. [Bleacher Report]

Serena Williams plans to play at the Australian Open. [Sky Sports]

Hunter Pence tried to lure Giancarlo Stanton to San Francisco by posting Halloween pictures on Twitter. [Mercury News]

College basketball is back so remember that Bill Murray’s son is an assistant coach at Xavier. [ThePostGame]

Derrick Rose apologized to the Cavs for his absence. [ESPN]

How long can the Cavaliers’ winning streak go?

The highlight of the week. Thomas Train Stunts.

Serge Ibaka did the finger wag in front of Dikembe Mutombo.

A pretty cool list of the top 25 films of 2017. I wouldn’t know because I have a kid.

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Odell Beckham Jr. compared his fiery on-field behavior to Tom Brady’s in a video.

A high school kid pulled off Jason Williams’ elbow pass in a game.