Roundup: Vladimir Putin Angry With Joe Biden; Armie Hammer Investigated For Sexual Assault; Patrick Chung Retires

Joe Biden
Joe Biden / Drew Angerer/Getty Images

Vladimir Putin and his country are not happy with Joe Biden after the President called Putin a 'killer' on-air... Armie Hammer is under investigation for sexual assault by the LAPD... Alexi McCammond will no longer be top editor at Teen Vogue after backlash from old tweets... Longtime Patriots safety Patrick Chung announces retirement... Here are five changes in the Snyder cut of 'Justice League'... Walmart sold out of PS5s in two hours after restocking... NFL signs new media rights deal worth over $100 billion... Chrissie Teigen got finger tattoos because she 'just likes dots'... Think twice before posting your vaccine cards on social media... William Burns confirmed as new CIA director... Georgia sheriff regrets police captain's comments about shooter having 'a bad day'... 72 Democrats sign motion to expel Majorie Taylor Greene from Congress... Files reveal oil companies were aware of impact of fossil fuels on environment for decades... Gibraltar becomes first nation to fully vaccinate adult population... Catholic Church pledges $100 million to atone for slave labor and sales...

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Just throwing this in there to piss off all you Jersey and Philly readers. No, I do not pronounce WaWa this way, nor do I think it's correct. But it gets the blood boiling, doesn't it?

A brave soul indeed.

It is apparently impossible to make a good super hero video game that isn't Batman, so I don't have super high expectations. But if they can get even one right, it's a game-changer.