Roundup: Urban Meyer's Wife Reads Gators Message Boards, Spider-Man Punches Cop in Times Square & Mad Max: Fury Road Trailer is Excellent


Urban Meyer’s wife Shelley admits to still reading Florida Gators message boards, and rips the people who posts on them. [Gator Sports]

Josh Pastner you sly dog – his newest assistant coach is the father of three high school stars! [ESPN]

The NBA is reportedly considering have a weeklong All-Star break. Why? [Sun-Sentinel]

Michael Bradley, on an MLS referee this weekend: “It’s by no means an excuse — it was the same for both teams — but the referee was absolutely awful. The people at the MLS office in New York, when they talk about wanting to improve the league, the first thing that needs to be improved is the refereeing, bottom line.” [KC Star]

Penn State’s new AD: Sandy Barbour. You know her because she “stepped down” at the University of California in June. [Penn Live]

Stephen A. Smith is leaving ESPN radio for a gig on Sirius on Mad Dog radio. [NYDN]

Anthony Rendon, a 3rd baseman for the Nationals, said he doesn’t watch baseball because it’s “too long and boring.” I say shorten the season, maybe games, too; this guy disagrees. [The Cauldron]

Phil Ivey and a friend tried to bail out two defendants charged with an “international sports betting operation” for $2.5 million, but it didn’t work because the feds may deport the two men, who are Malaysian citizens. [Review Journal]

As you start to devour NFL news by the minute, file this away: Darrelle Revis has lined up exclusively at left cornerback so far. [Globe]

This piece takes no definitive stand, but there’s no way I’d part with Klay Thompson to land Kevin Love. []

Also, the Knicks made an offer for Kevin Love: Amare’s expiring contract, Tim Hardaway and Iman Shumpert. Enter chuckle here. [WSJ]

Buried way, way at the bottom: Will the Bills listen to trade offers for running back CJ Spiller? [CBS]

Skip Bayless, on college football: “If university boosters want to bid for the nation’s best players, let them!” [ESPN]

The new Mad Max looks fairly incredible, although it reveals little to nothing about the plot.

The first day back from vacation is always brutal. I miss being off the internet.

Good way to get on TV – do a wheelie next to some Tour de France riders. [via Adam]