Roundup: Twitter Removing Like Button; Pat Mahomes vs Baker Mayfield; & How They Killed Whitey Bulger in Prison

By Jason McIntyre

Kylie Jenner … why is anyone tying Kanye West’s “Hall of Fame career” to his misguided politics? … “Bagpipes or Urdu? After-School Options Multiply” … the holidays are coming up, do not leave anything in your car … “Antarctic scientist ‘stabs colleague who kept telling him endings of books he was reading‘” … twitter is removing the ‘like’ button, but does anyone even care? … “Dad says he didn’t expect backlash over father-son Nazi costumes” … snowboarder Shaun White dressed up as a movie character and ended up taking down the photo and apologizing … Steve Bannon didn’t draw a crowd in Kansas … 

Is there actually value betting on the Cleveland Browns against the Kansas City Chiefs? We discuss it on the podcast. [Coming Up Winners]

The Cavs got their first win of the season in a rout of the tired Atlanta Hawks. []

I’m not sure there’s anything Todd Bowles can do to save his job. Time to get an offensive guy in there at head coach. [NY Post]

The 10 most intriguing travel destinations for 2019. [WSJ]

An Iona assistant basketball coach got in a fight with an Iona basketball player. The player has been kicked out of school. [Watch Stadium]

A 26-year old teacher in Ohio has been indicted for allegedly having a sexual relationship with a female high school student. [Fox 19]

All the Whitey Bulger murder craziness you can handle. It appears he was beaten with a sock that had a lock in it; and they tried to gauge his eyes out. [Boston Globe]

Only four teams can win the Super Bowl right now; why for now, it makes sense to start Rajon Rondo over Lonzo Ball; and Preston Johnson, a professional gambler, joined me in the studio for 30 solid minutes of talk about gambling. [iTunes]

Buddy Hield had another good game and the Kings have won five of six.

October 16, 2016: Baker Mayfield vs Pat Mahomes. This video shows 1200+ yards of offense, with the Sooners winning, 66-59. Here’s the story.