Roundup: Twitter Quitter Deletes Donald Trump's Account; Strangers on a Plane Get Frisky; "Stranger Things" Error

Kyle Koster

Another shoe drops on Kevin SpaceyStrangers on a plane get right down to business, could face felony charges … Hillary Clinton’s secret takeover of the DNC … The Houston Astros owe Kate Upton big-time … A rogue Twitter employee deleted Donald Trump’s account, quit  … Taylor Swift’s $18 million townhouse in NYC is kinda meh … Pizza Hut CEO says NFL player protests haven’t hurt business …  John Mulaney’s riseJames Comey’s memoir has a title … The White House was somehow unaware Sam Clovis had testified before grand juryGothamist and DNAInfo suddenly shut down … Why the NFL may want to lose the Supreme Court betting case … Big shock: people like dogs more than other people … This Carter Page keeps turning up and talking to reportersSexual harassment scandals rock talent agencies … Parenting tip: don’t strap your kid to roof of minivanStranger Things out there using the wrong Chicago skyline … Former Lions WR Titus Young pleads guilty in assault … Jessica Alba 

Gabe Kapler blogged and now people are reading those blogs and asking questions. The lesson here is to never blog. [Philly Inquirer]

The Iowa Wave is one of the best things to come into sports in a long time. [USA Today]

Does America have an epistemic crisis? We should all hope the answer is no. [Vox]

ISIS claims New York City attacker. [CNN]

Tucker Carlson not prepared to have a guest agree with him. Trust me, it’s fantastic. [Mediaite]