Roundup: Trump Tried to Fire Mueller; Taylor Kitsch is Back; Boss From Hell

Kyle Koster

Donald Trump tried to have his own Saturday Night Massacre but no one would light the gunpowder … Why is the dollar slowly shrinking … Great to see Jim Thome earn a Hall of Fame nod … The minds behind the Eagles dog masksMichigan State continues to look worse … Detroit Tigers changing their D … 30-year anniversary of Send It In, JeromeDOJ found those missing texts everyone was freaking out about … Axios has far exceeded expectations … Human beings left Africa 100,000 years earlier than previously thought … 50 Cent accidentally got rich on Bitcoin … Taylor Kitsch has some Riggins thoughts … Senators want U.S. Gymnastics investigationVery nice wood in Zack Greinke’s home … Tim Duncan gets back $7.5 million back in settlement … Atlanta Falcons sold cheaper food, made more money … Stephen Piscotty has a lot on his plate … Do all sports leagues need to welcome betting for it to work … and Zoe Saldana.

There should be a 30 for 30 on how the University of Iowa approaches paying its coaches. [Land of 10]

Work life at DK Pittsburgh Sports doesn’t sound great. [Deadspin]

There has to be a lot more we don’t know about this story. Marlon Humphrey and a $15 phone charger. [NFL]

Randy Moss has a funny way of helping business. [The Postgame]

Rough night for Sean Hannity.

Bryce Harper’s cupping therapy is intense.

Reba McEntire is KFC’s new Colonel.