Roundup: Terrifying Paraglider Dust Devil Video; Former College Football QBs Now Selling Insurance; & Will Nick Foles Leave in Free Agency?

By Jason McIntyre

Olivia Culpo, a model … in Philly, they’re blaming a soda tax on a grocery store closing … “Mexicans, Hit by Murder Wave, Face Long, Often Futile Wait for Justice” … breakdown of all the changes coming to the Las Vegas strip in 2019 … “If You’re Over 50, Chances Are the Decision to Leave a Job Won’t be Yours” … everyone wants to eat salad in 2019, so look at the lines in NYC … a week late, but really epic: “Dad takes to the skies on Christmas Eve so flight attendant daughter doesn’t have to spend holiday alone” …

Weird. After back-to-back wins – including a Sunday rout of the Lakers – the Minnesota Timberwolves fired coach Tom Thibodeau. [Star Tribune]

I have a lot of thoughts on the Bears loss I’ll get to on my podcast, but what’s shocking is how the mighty defense was dominated by the Eagles offensive line. Underdogs went 4-0 on Wild Card weekend for the 2nd year in a row. [Tribune]

Yes, passer rating needs to be changed because no, Kirk Cousins is not better than Joe Montana. [538]

Udoka Azubuike, the Kansas 7-footer, is done for the season due to a hand injury. His 13 points and six rebounds per game will be sorely missed. [KC Star]

This is pathetic: Brent Grimes was “only” paid $7 million a year, and he told the team he didn’t want to cover #1 WRs like Antonio Brown, because CBs who cover #1 WRs made about $14 million a year. [Joe Bucs Fan]

Sad stuff when the Texas athletic director opens up about the murder of his father in 2000 after he helped to stop a motorist. [Star Telegram]

RIP former Virginia football coach George Welsh, who passed away at 85. [Daily Progress]

Great job for college football QBs who don’t quite make the NFL? Selling insurance. [WSJ]

“Heroin and cocaine users rely on the strip to see if their drugs have been contaminated with the synthetic opioid, but the practice has encountered opposition.” How about this … try to avoid heroin and cocaine? [WSJ]

Sure, Nick Foles is clutch, but what if he gave the Eagles a hometown discount rather than big money and pressure of succeeding in a different setting with a different coach? []

Were you aware that “Seahawks twitter” was a thing? Neat story. [Seattle Times]

Scary to watch this paraglider get swept up into the air by a dust devil. What would you even do here? Can you do anything?

How slick is this leopard? What a smooth run-up and attack.

I couldn’t help it. This is really funny. This is not a political statement, but it is going to make you laugh.