Roundup: Sooners Fire Mike Stoops; Another Journalist in Europe is Murdered; & Ryan Tannehill Apologizes For Turnovers


Joy Corrigan, a model/actress … Venom made $80 million at the box office, and a Star is Born hauled in $42.6 million … why isn’t Rutgers investigating old sexual harassment claims? … four sisters and their husbands all die in a limo accident in New York … “After he died from a heroin overdose, she struggles to live” … another journalist in Europe has been murdered … “Mattress Firm, largest US mattress retailer, files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection” … could the vintage 1968 Jaguar E-type Zero become an electric car? … yes, never tell your friends how much money you make … wonder if Amazon is going to respond to these allegations … 

NBA fans underestimated the Lakers, but after seeing them in the preseason, people are getting on board with the 50+ wins talk; NFL and college football talk. [Podcast]

One day after Oklahoma gave up 48 points to Texas, defensive coordinator Mike Stoops was fired. [Oklahoman]

Ryan Tannehill apologized for handing Cincinnati the game Sunday, with two 4th quarter turnovers-for-touchdowns. [Sun Sentinel]

The front office guy of the Cardinals who hacked the Houston Astros is doing 46 months in prison, and reading this, it’s still hard to believe he got that much time. []

I didn’t need the Brian Bowen trial to know that the NCAA is ethically bankrupt. [Yahoo Sports]

Former hard-hitting USC safety Keith Ellison, who briefly played in the NFL, was killed last week when he was hit by a car while walking on the freeway in the San Fernando Valley. [LA Times]

It’s 2018 and you should know that the success of college football teams is certainly tied to enrollment. It might not be a huge factor, but it’s a factor. [Toledo Blade]

The Lakers media who cover LeBron … has some people who followed him to LA from Cleveland. [Ringer]

“Ice hockey: More women’s brains needed for concussion studies.” [Reuters]

The leading receiver in college football is only playing the sport because in high school, his basketball coach tried to make him cut his dreadlocks, so he quit. [USA Today Sports]

“Kentucky fan threatens to ‘divorce’ program over Colin Kaepernick ad.” [KSR]

Can’t say enough good things about ‘A Star is Born.’ Other than you absolutely need to see it.