Roundup: Sex Toy Vending Machines?; Lamborghini SUVs; There Are Still Piles of Snow in Boston


Former Vanderbilt guard Dai-Jon Parker, 22, died Thursday night. [CBS]

“The less you know about a field,” he said, “the better your odds. Dumb boldness is the best way to approach a new challenge.” … Jerry Seinfeld on the Internet. [NYT]

“Are the NBA Playoffs Boring?” … Ratings were good the other night, so the sport is probably safe. ? [Grantland]

“Why Everett Golson bolted Notre Dame to win title at Florida State” [Fox]

Hilarious: ghostwriter of the Zlatan Ibrahimovic biography says,”I don’t think I have any real quotes from him. I tried to get an illusion of him, to try and find the story. I tried to find the literary Ibrahimovic.” [Guardian]

What happened to Jock Jams? [Mic]

Interesting factual nugget on the Spelling Bee — shorter words are trickier than longer ones. [WSJ]

Rough guess, this is 2,000+ words from a former contestant on Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? Geography! [AV Club]

A ranking of 90s alternative music one-hit wonders. [Uproxx]

Solid profile of Sydney Leroux a week ahead of the Women’s World Cup in Canada in June. [Grantland]

Rex Ryan is ready to go! [NFL]

Eugene, Ore., newspaper found a never-before-seen photo of Steve Prefontaine on the 40 anniversary of his death. [Runner’s World]

Georgia high school football team pays tribute to teammate who died of cancer. [Fox]

The opening sentence of this Aloha review uses the word “unintelligible.” [Variety]

Despite a lot of amazing cameos (and being totally insane — in a good way), Big Time in Hollywood, Fla. didn’t get a lot of Internet critical love. I liked it a lot. Here’s a interview with one of the stars. [Vulture]

If you happen to dig the Grateful Dead there is a Bob Weir doc now on Netflix. Some background on it here, including his love of shorts. [Vanity Fair].

American Ultra RED BAND trailer.


Bolts of Steel? … oh hell yeah.

Crashing a very expensive car street racing seems … smart?

Jim Breuer is now doing famous Mets calls as Ozzy Osbourne. What a time to be alive.

Jessica Gomes video.

Note: this video was uploaded in 2011 but, forgive me if that’s possible within this URL, it’s interesting. [via]

Steve Winwood