Roundup: Scott Pruitt Resigns; Tim Tebow Moving Tickets; Don't Fight a UFC Star

Kyle Koster

Counting Nathan’s Hot Dogs is too important to be left to humans … Scott Pruitt finally resigns … Chuck Schumer is trying to get Donald Trump to nominate Merrick Garland for the Supreme Court …  Letters from inside an immigration detention facilityChance the Rapper engaged … White supremacist who pushed protesters in Charlottesville has government clearance … The complicated life of a livestreamerLions maul poachersLongtime broadcaster Ed Schultz dies at 64 … Tim Tebow is driving up AA All-Star Game ticket pricesThe backlash to Jar Jar Binks had a real human impact … Story behind the sports betting photograph seen everywhere …. Texas mom shoots would-be carjacker … Wow, good luck finding this master of disguise … What kind of person shoots fireworks at other people … … Dozens killed in Mexico City firework explosion kills dozens … Christine Evangelista 

Hey, we’re still doing the national anthem thing. [USA Today]

Root for David Bote, new Cub making an impact. [Chicago Tribune]

Plane Bae was a ridiculous and terrible thing and I won’t hear otherwise. [Vanity Fair]

Hundreds of thousands evacuated in Japan as historic rains fall. [Reuters]

Customs and border agents have been seizing replica championship rings. [Sports Collector Daily]

Sad news from ESPN.

Matt Abrams Obit on 6P SC from Lindsey Lloyd on Vimeo.

Former UFC fighter easily disposes of belligerent drunk.