Roundup: Scott Baio vs Nicole Eggert; Kyrie Irving Puts on a Show vs Denver; & Watch Kangaroo Collid


Victoria Justice, actress … Steve Wynn has resigned as the RNC finance chairman … on cloning: “How can we be special if we’re just a bundle of cells?” … the Wonder Years went off the air prematurely in 1993 because a costume designer accused Fred Savage– who was 16 – of sexual harassment … “Bo Ryan’s former mistress loses civil rights claims against UW officials” … Jay-Z cheated on Beyonce, but fought hard to save his marriage … “32-year-old man arrested, accused of igniting flares at Eagle Ridge Mall” …Scott Baio vs Nicole Eggert, for Charles in Charge fans … “Howcampus politics hijacked American politics” … terrific read on Reese Witherspoon and her mid-career pivot to producing … “Dutch intelligence first to alert U.S. about Russian hack of Democratic Party” …

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If you were a fan of the Inside Sport magazine in the 80s, you love this. [Sunday Long Read]

LeBron is having his worst month scoring since his rookie year in the NBA. He’s Aaron Rodgers – the Cavs go as LeBron goes. Meanwhile, the Warriors have a great system that leads to dominance, just like the Patriots. Also, Brent Musburger is slowly coming around on Tony Romo the announcer. [Podcast]

Come on Timberwolves, you can’t lose games to the Hawks. [Star Tribune]

Eye emoji: “Someone has hired a private detective to investigate former Louisville AD Tom Jurich.” [Courier Journal]

Pro Football Focus ranked all the players in the Super Bowl, and the Eagles have 14 of the Top 20. The Patriots have #1 and #2. [ESPN]

“Texas High School Students Are Moving Away From Football.” [Texas Monthly]

If you’ve never heard of John Carroll University football, wait until you read about their unlikely NFL pipeline. [MMQB]

Wayne Ellington is on his way to setting an NBA record for highest percentage of a player’s shots be 3-pointers. [WSJ]

My buddy Clay Travis is a few months away from deciding whether or not to run for Senate in Tennessee. [Outkick the Coverage]

People are still jocking ‘Breaking Bad’? Really? I guess at some point I must binge-watch it. [GQ]

LaMelo Ball had a triple double in that league he’s playing in. I guess people are supposed to be impressed.

I have no clue where this Kangaroo came from. The cyclist is supposedly OK.

Kyrie Irving. So, so good. What a watch.